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Getting to Know Your Seller While Your Purchase Louis Vuitton


     It is important to know your seller when you buy anything really. I have learned this lesson the hard way many times. It is most important when you buy any Louis Vuitton bags on sale.


How can you get to know your seller better?


Look at the description. What does your gut tell you? IS your gut telling you to walk away from a purchase and seller? Listen to your gut. Many sellers will hide their true intentions. It is only after a few purchases you get to know who they are. Your gut often times knows things your conscious mind does not.


Only buy a bag after you have seen genuine images to compare. Will the seller allow you to do this? Most genuine sellers will. Walk away if the seller is getting wishy-washy with you.


Always ask for additional pictures. Some do a bait and switch. They use images of real LV items to sell their fake items. The reaction you get from the seller will be the one to go by.


Look at the price you are being offered. A real one which is retailing for hundreds anywhere else, it will not be offered for less than $100 where you are at. Always be cautious of a seller who advertises one price on their site and jacks up the price he offers you. It could be just a $2 increase. You are still getting ripped off. He is taking advantage of you. LV items are famous for this.


Is the seller selling items not being offered yet in a store? This is a major red flag. Genuine sellers will not be selling something that is not being offered anywhere else. Walk away from any seller who does this.


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